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  • Mood: Distressed
  • Listening to: Skye
  • Watching: Animated Movies
  • Playing: Smite
  • Eating: Pizza (so fat)
  • Drinking: Water
01.] What is your pen name?

02.] What made you choose this name?
Other than liking apples, I really can't remember. It was something a long time ago, though.

03.] Do you use PC or Mac?
PC for everything. I don't know how to use a MAC. :c

04.] What programs do you use most often?
Chrome, Skype, FL Studio 11, Gimp

05.] Do you use mouse, or tablet?
Mooose.  I also don't draw so this quiz will be a bit stupid. XD (Edit: I'm going to take out the drawing specific questions. :3 )

06.] What color or color combinations do you find yourself using most often?
Black purple and pink. And Blue. 

10.] What font do you use most often?
Helvetica / Helvetica Neue

19.] Have you ever submitted anything to a magazine?
A couple times, never got any responses back.

20.] Did it get published?

21.] Who are your favorite artists?
:iconslurpiees: :iconofbugs: :iconmichaelgaryscott:

22.] Do you like anime/manga? If so, what are your favorite series?
Yea, I guess.  .hack// is probably still my favourite overall, other favourite include Ergo Proxy, FLCL, Witch Hunter Robin, and SAO.

23.] Do you like cartoons/comics? If so, what are your favorite series?
UHHH. Fuck. I don't know. Darkest Night was a great series. Zambies. 8D

24.] Any artists that you wish you could draw like?
Like, anyone. I can't draw for shit.

25.] Do you read a lot of books?
Audiobooks, yea. Reading through a hardcopy of Mass Effect: Deception right now though.

26.] Did you ever buy a book to inspire or teach you to draw?
When I was younger yea. Lots of HOW TO DRAW MANGA. :I

27.] Any video games you enjoy?
Like... everything?

28.] Any favorite characters from video games?
Yggdrasill from Tales of Symphonia was the best villain ever. :3

29.] Do you have a favorite writer?
H.P. Lovecraft for short stories,
W.E. Henley for poetry.

30.] Any books you really enjoy?
Uhh. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favourites.

33.] Any recommended songs?
Iron Pyrite by Lemaitre

35.] Are there any websites that you go to everyday?, Youtube.

36.] What is your dream website like?
Like.... Uh. Constant 24 hour streams of speedrunning. :3

37.] Do you like your own art?
I think it's okay? I only upload what I like.

38.] What do you enjoy watching on television?
I dun watch dat shiii.

39.] Favorite celebrity?
UH. No?

40.] Favorite color?

41.] Favorite food?
Tuna maki + Unagi nigiri. Also fucking potatoes. So good.

42.] Favorite drink?
Water, yo. Aloe juice too.

43.] Do you like to go shopping? If yes, where? And for what?
YES EVERYWHREE FOR CLOTHES I LOVE CLO THES   (I copied this from :iconmichaelgaryscott: and I was going to change it but.. that's pretty spot on.. Also boardgames.)

44.] Can you cook?

45.] Any devices you use often for email?
My phone..? Wait no. LOL.  Computer.

46.] Are you tech-savvy?
I'd say so, yea.

47.] Do you want to become a professional artist?
Would be cool. I wanna get more prints.

48.] Are there any other jobs you're interested in?
Pharmacy Tech

50.] Do you like to watch movies?
Yup. Lots. Film geeek.

51.] What's your favorite movie?
Battle Royale / Star Wars IV

52.] Have you ever entered an art contest, here at DeviantART or otherwise?
Couple times I think. Dunno.

54.] Do you use references? If so, for what?

56.] Do you have a lot of net friends?
I guess. Much more than in real life. XD... 

57.] Do you have a lot of friends that also draw?
Uhhh. Just :iconofbugs: and :iconrikadenn: and others but I have bad memory so DONT BE MAD. c:

58.] What time of the day do you usually go online?
All day?

59.] Do you like to go to chat rooms?
Sometimes ye.

60.] Do you have your own computer?

61.] What would you say to the person that you admire?
Uhh. I'd probably be speechless? Kinda like I was when I met Mana-sama that time at Sakuracon. .... 

64.] Do you have any friends who are professional artists?

65.] Where do you often hang out?
In muh room. So classy.

69.] What's the one thing that makes you grateful that the internet exists?
Connectivity with other people all over the world. It makes me not lonely. I don't know what I'd do otherwise. ;u;

70.] Is there anything out there that makes you wish the internet didn't exist?
Youtube comments.

71.] What's your first Deviation?

72.] Any art you did prior to that?

80.] What made you want to join DeviantART?
Cause pictures. Yes.

81.] Has anything ever made you want to quit DeviantART?
Not really. I want to change my name though.

82.] What do you think about netiquette?
People are dumb.

83.] Have you ever been spammed or trolled?
Hasn't everyone?

84.] Ever thought about quitting art all together?

86.] Do you upload high quality versions of your art?

88.] Do you have good vision?

89.] If you can get anyone's autograph, whose would you get?
Another from Mana, maybe one from Gackt

90.] What would you say to that person when he or she gives you an autograph?
O - O  .......

92.] Do you have a job?

93.] Did you take art in school? If so, did you do well? Are you still taking it?
Nah. Compooters are more important.

94.] Have you taken art lessons outside of a school setting?

96.] What's your favorite phrase/quote?
Aye aye?

97.] Do you present yourself differently online than you do in your real life?
Guess so.

98.] What's your goal now?
Win the game.

99.] What do you have to say to yourself?
Fuck you.

100.] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone who read this?
See above.


Misha Lumen
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

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